Aftersales Service & Insurance Platform

Aftersales Service Insurance Platform

Fifteen years of knowledge of and experience with gadget aftersales processes and gadget insurances have been poured into one innovative IT platform, our Aftersales Service & Insurance Platform (ASIP).

The system

  • was designed to connect all of the suppliers involved in a gadget insurance programme in real-time in one system. This increases the efficiency and quality of the service provided to end-users and gives suppliers a better handle on their performance and costs.
  • has a built-in business rule engine that validates claims and can be configured together with the insurer. The engine enables most of the claims to be quickly and efficiently validated by the system.
  • supports automatic fraud detection.
  • has built-in ‘appeal and complaints’ processes that meet the current European standards.
  • runs on an innovative platform powered by Microsoft, making it easy to connect sales channels and suppliers. New programmes are easy to launch without requiring a big IT investment from sales channels and suppliers.
  • gives the insurer real-time information about the programme’s performance and a variety of (configurable) controls to improve it.
  • is easy to integrate with financial systems with an integrated premium and claims administration.
  • can run as a standalone system or hosted on premise if desired. This means that the insurer and not a third party is in control of customer data.
  • is linked to the latest communication methods and can give the end-user paperless information about the status of the policy and ongoing claims.
  • All customer communication can be configured and all incoming and outgoing correspondence with the customer is logged in the system and linked to the corresponding policy and/or claim.
  • All system activity is logged and can be quickly and easily accessed for auditing purposes.